First-Place Design for UNC Chapel Hill pubs

Who doesn’t love awards? Under my art direction, Well magazine, a consumer health magazine published by UNC Chapel Hill, took home two first-place finishes in the NCAGIO (North Carolina Association of Government Information Officers) Excellence in Communications Awards. The magazine overall won in the Regular Publications category in 2013, and the 50th anniversary issue won in the Special Publications category.

Such awards help to strategically position UNC against their closest competitor, but also illustrates my never-ending quest for excellence. Still, even more important to me than awards is receiving positive feedback from the client:

“Collaborating with Rod for more than six years has been an absolute pleasure. He has been the creative genius behind our community magazine and our alumni magazine, and his ability to create design specifically for each audience is truly wonderful—from creating amazing covers to feature spreads, and even making basic news snippets look appealing. 

“Rod has gone above and beyond many times to help keep our projects on track, under extreme deadlines and client delays. He created a spreadsheet to track the photos for each project that has been incredibly helpful for keeping us both on the same page with the project’s progress. Through the transition from McMurry to Manifest, his move to Chicago, and adding our second publication, I have always insisted that Rod be the designer on our projects.”

—Jennifer Breedlove, Communications Manager, UNC Health Care

UNC Medical Bulletin is published three times a year by the UNC Medical Foundation. Its audience includes alumni, parents, corporations, foundations and friends.

Well is a quarterly consumer health publication designed to educate the community about wellness and promote UNC Health Care’s programs, services and experts. It is mailed to more than 50,000 households.

Once again, you have pulled the vision from my head and made it reality, only better.
Jennifer Breedlove, Communications Manager, UNC Health Care
Jennifer Breedlove, Communications Manager
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"I can recommend Rod for any senior design position without hesitation!"
Jim Weidert
Social Entrepreneur, Founder - IntoWishin' Arts, Creative, Marketing, & Sales Consultant