"Know Earlier" Campaign

After six months of after-hours work and three presentations my team beat out four other teams in a head-to-head inner-agency competition and won the right to lead the agency passion project.

Combining our companys capabilities of interviewing, photoshoots, web development, user experience, and design, our three-phase project told individual stories of those with cancer and the families affected by cancer. We leaned in to start a movement to diminish the stigma around lung cancer and garner donations to affect change in the medical community’s ability to detect lung cancer early enough to save lives.

"He was talented in his craft, flexible, came to the table with ideas, and an all-around positive person and team player."
adriene russ portrait
Adrienne Russ, Communications Manager, Cleveland Clinic
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"I can recommend Rod for any senior design position without hesitation!"
Jim Weidert
Social Entrepreneur, Founder - IntoWishin' Arts, Creative, Marketing, & Sales Consultant